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This site contains much of the work of the Coming Clean Policy and Environmental Justice and Health Alliance Work Groups. Visit our New Coming Clean Website for more info.

Every day businesses and governments are taking concrete steps toward safer chemicals use and management. To find out more, contact Stephenie Hendricks at (415) 258-9151; shendricks@comingcleaninc.org

Federal Toxic Chemical Regulations Are Broken

What Is Environmental Justice?

What is Chemical Security and What Does It Have to Do with Environmental Justice?

Alliance for Toxic Free Fire Safety (latest on flame retardants)

Energy & Climate Justice

Best Books on Environmental Health & Chemical Exposure, Corporate Influence on Environmental Health and More

La información en sustancias químicas tóxicas en español

News Advisories

Toxic Chemical Threat in Proposed Transatlantic Trade Treaty, Groups send letter July 10, 2014

President Obama's Interagency Task Force on Chemical Security Issues New Report June 6, 2014

Environmental Justice and Health Alliance Responds

Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disasters Responds

Blacks & Latinos at higher risk for Chemical Disaster. New Report from Environmental Justice and Health Alliance, Center for Effective Government and Coming Clean. May 1, 2014

Environmental Justice and Health Alliance Response to the House Chemicals in Commerce Act March 3, 2014

House Chemicals in Commerce Act is a Very Bad Bill, February 27, 2014

President Obama's Executive Order on Chemical Disasters, Feb 19, 2014, Baton Rouge, Louisiana More

Environmental Justice Leaders Gather in Denver for 20th Anniversary of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) Feb 11-12, 2014 News Advisory

President Obama's Executive Order on Chemical Disasters California "Listening Sessions" January 23 & 24, 2014 in Houston, Texas Leer en Español

President Obama's Executive Order on Chemical Disasters California "Listening Sessions" January 8, 2014 in Sacramento and January 9 & 10 in Los Angeles Info

Explosion, Fire, at Axiall Plant Near Mossville, Louisiana, December 21, 2013. Read News Advisory

New Report - Chemicals Linked to Asthma Found in Building Materials December 11, 2013 News Release

EPA "Listening Sessons"on Chemical Disasters: 11/15/13 Washington, DC News Advisory 11/05/13 Texas City, Texas Read News Advisory

Chemical Disasters - President Obama's Executive Order and New Poll Here October 11, 2013

Senate Hearing on TSCA (chemical reform) News Advisory July 30, 2013

Toxic Community Mossville, Louisiana, to be relocated away from chemical plant, Read More. July 22, 2013

Republican and Independent Small Business Owners Surprising New Poll: Renewable Energy Policy a Priority. June 27, 2013

Parents, Consumer & Health Groups, Scientists, Health Providers Respond to Chemical Safety Improvement Act, Send Letter to Senators. June 13, 2013

Environmental Health Community Mourns the Death of Senator Frank Lautenberg June 4, 2013

Environmental Justice & Health Alliance Statement on the Chemical Safety Improvement Act May 23, 2013

Toxic Flame Retardants & Communities of Color November 28, 2012 Read Advisory

Report on Carcinogens: Read News Advisory for Letters Sent to Congress September 5, 2012

Toxic Chemicals: U.S. Senate Defies Chemical Corporations Passes Safe Chemicals Act Out of Committee Environmental Health Advocates Celebrate Historic Vote July 25, 2012 Read More

Congress Attacks Program to Identify Cancer-Causing Chemicals
Scientists, Physicians, Consumer Advocates Outraged, April 25, 2012
Read More

Toxic BPA: FDA Rejects NRDC Request to Remove BPA From Food Supply, March 30, 2012 Read Advisory

CDC Announces Higher Rates of Autism, March 29, 2012

Toxics Linked to Asthma & Endocrine Disruption, March 8, 2012 Read Advisory

Toxic Texas: Two Explosions Rock Refinery Near Houston, December 11, 2011 Read Advisory

Toxic Chemicals Made by ExxonMobil
Attack Children’s Health, Giant Ducky Occupies Exxon in Houston November 11, 2011
Read More

Healthcare without Harm Lauds Greenhealth's New Survey Tool for Hospitals, Health Care Providers October 13, 2011 Read Advisory

Alaska Native People Declare Support for Safe Chemicals Act of 2011. Read More

Toxic BPA: Chemical Industry Claims American Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups Are BPA-Free, Asks FDA for New Rule
Advocacy Groups Respond to ACC announcement,
Demand Environmental Health Protections Now from bisphenol A (BPA) in can linings and thermal receipt paper. October 10, 2011
Read Advisory

Dallas Area Chemicals Fire, October 3, 2011 Read Advisory

Toxic Chemicals Hurt Us, Say Environmental Justice Groups to
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference September 21, 2011
Read Advisory

Letter to FDA regarding BPA in Cans Study, June 9, 2011

Alliance for Toxic-Free Safety Release on Halogenated Flame Retardant Chemicals in Baby Products, May 18, 2011. Read Advisory

Toxic Chemicals Under Carpets: New study reveals dangerous chemicals in carpet backing, Obsolete California regulation to blame Read Advisory

Chemical Reform Urgent for People of Color and Low Income Communities (Safe Chemicals Act of 2011) Read Advisory, En Espanol

Safe Chemical Act of 2011 Good for Business Read Advisory

Ban Toxic BPA: Environmental Health Groups Support New Bills in Congress, January 27, 2011 Read Advisory

Toxic  Chemicals Around Us: Texans at Risk
Texas Politicians Attack Environmental  Health Protections
A  conversation with EPA Region 6 Administrator and  environmental health  advocates about the hidden dangers of chemical pollution in our  state
January 19, 6pm CST, 7pm EST, Broadcast Live on KPFT  Houston, 90.1fm, and live on www.kpft.org Read advisory

Toxic Chemical Reform Is Good for Business - Modern Business Leaders Call for Change to Inspire Consumer Confidence April 15, 2010 Read Advisory

Environmental Justice Groups Tell Congress: Protect Us from Toxic Chemicals - Communities of color most at risk for health effects linked to chemical exposure April 7, 2010 Read Advisory

FDA's BPA Announcement is an About Face on the Toxic Chemical
Environmental Health Groups Laud FDA's Concern about BPA, Call for Further Action January 15, 2010 Read Advisory

Toxic Chemicals Deca-BDE: EPA Says Phase It out, Environmental Health Advocates Applaud and Ask for More Protection. December 17, 2009 Read Advisory

Toxic Chemical bisphenol A Still Not Banned By FDA;
Schumer, Gillibrand Call for Ban; Govt Official Warns Public Read Advisory

Toxic Chemicals in Bodies Report From Centers for Disease Control: Environmental Health Advocates Respond December 10, 2009 Read Advisory

Toxic BPA Contamination - Groups Support Consumer’s Union Call for FDA Protection From BPA in Canned Food Read Advisory

FDA gets update on bisphenol A evaluation, Dr. Jen Sass was there, August 17, 2009 Read Advisory

Toxic chemicals in your living room
Delegate Decisions Threaten the Integrity of the Stockholm Convention May 10, 2009 Read advisory

Arctic Peoples Threatened by Toxic Chemicals
Will U.S. Honor International Treaty?
Indigenous Arctic delegation to travel to Geneva
to urge protection from toxic chemicals.
April 28, 2009 Read advisory

New FDA Appointees Face Chemical Challenge: Scientists, Physicians, Health Advocates pledge support to reform broken regulatory system. March 12, 2009 Read the advisory

Congress Begins To Confront Toxic Chemicals:
The House Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Subcommittee Meets
to Discuss the Toxic Substances Control Act
Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009 10 a.m.
Read the advisory

Scientists, Physicians, Health and Environmental Justice Advocates to New Obama EPA Director: “We Look Forward to Toxic Chemical Regulatory Reform” Read the advisory

Guidelines for Principles for Toxic Chemical Regulatory Reform sent to the Obama Transition government. Read the advisory

The first U.S. study to test household dust for a new and wide variety of chemicals found that we are exposed to a “toxic cocktail” every day in our homes, breathing dust emitted from commonly used products.