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Toxic Chemical Threat in Proposed U.S Trade Treaty More

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), Safe Chemicals Act, Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA), and Chemicals in Commerce Act (CICA) Info

Environmental Justice and President Obama's Executive Order on Chemical Disasters News

Environmental Health News

Obama's Task Force on Chemical Disasters issues Report, EJHA Responds

Blacks & Latinos at higher risk for Chemical Disasters, EJHA's New Report

House Hearing Wed March 12 on new draft CICA bill Read More

Toxic Chemicals in Trade Treaties New Report

Environmental Justice Advocates Say New Draft House Bill on Chemicals is Toxic

House Republicans Introduce Disastrous Draft Bill to Change Toxic Chemical Regulations


Newark, New Jersey Chemical Disaster Listening Session, Feb 27, 2014 News Release

Chemical Disaster Listening Session, Feb 19, 2014, Baton Rouge, Louisiana More

Children Exposed to More Brain-Harming Chemicals Than Ever Before Report

Environmental Justice Leaders Gather in Denver for 20th Anniversary of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) Feb 11-12, 2014 News Advisory

House Hearing Feb 4, 2014 on Testing Chemicals in TSCA More

President Obama Executive Order on Chemical Disasters "Listening Sessions" in Houston, Texas

President Obama Executive Order on Chemical Disasters "Listening Sessions" in CA More

Explosion, Fire at Axiall Plant near Mossville, Louisiana Read More

New Report - Chemicals Linked to Asthma Found in Building Materials News Release

EPA/DHS/OSHA Chemical Disaster Listening Session in DC News Release

House Hearing on Senate Chemical Reform Bill News Release

Michele Roberts on Chemical Disaster and Environmental Justice: EPA Blog

EPA/DHS/OSHA "Listening" Sessions on Chemical Disaster More

New Video, Call to Action to Obama: We Need Protection from Chemical Disasters Now!

President Obama's Executive Order on Chemical Disasters, Plus New Poll Showing National Support for Strong Chemical Security Policy More Here

Yupik People of St Lawrence Island Face Food Crisis

Toxic Chemicals in Congress? Senate Hearing July 31 and More on Federal Regulations Reform

Toxic Community Mossville, Louisiana to be relocated away from chemical plant - Read More

Republican and Independent Small Business Owners Surprising New Poll: Renewable Energy Policy a Priority.


Parents, Consumer & Health Groups, Scientists, Health Providers Respond to Chemical Safety Improvement Act, Send Letter to Senators

Environmental Health Community Mourns the Death of Senator Frank Lautenberg

What is Chemical Security and What Does It Have to Do with Environmental Justice ?

Environmental Justice & Health Alliance Statement on New TSCA Reform Bill

Best Books on Environmental Health & Chemical Exposure Here

New Toxic Flame Retardants Studies Environmental Justice Groups Respond

Congress Endangers Report on Carcinogens - Public Outrage

Historic Vote on Safe Chemicals Act

NIEHS Report on Cancer Under Attack by Congress Read More

New FDA Announcement on BPA Read Advisory

New CDC Announcement on Autism, Environmental Health Experts Respond

Nuevo! ¡La Información de la sanidad y medio ambiente en español! Here

Toxics in Common Household Products Linked to Asthma and Endocrine Disruption Read More

Toxic Texas: New Explosions Near Houston: Read Advisory

Environmental Health Advocates Confront Exxon in Houston Read Advisory

Alaska Native People Declare Support for Safe Chemicals Act of 2011. Read More

Greening Hospitals - Health Care without Harm Lauds New Tool Read Advisory

Groups Respond to Industry letter to FDA on toxic chemical BPA Read Advisory

Toxic Texas: Dallas Fire Read Advisory

Fracking, the US Natural Gas Industry, and Environmental Health

Toxic Chemicals Hurt Us, Say Environmental Justice Groups to
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference
Read Advisory

Letter to FDA on BPA in Cans

Halogenated Flame Retardant Chemicals in Baby Products Read Advisory

New Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 Chemical Reform Urgent for Communities of Color Read More

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New Chemical Reform Bill Good for Business! Read more



Texas vs EPA: EPA Region 6 Administrator and Environmental Justice Groups respond to attacks on EPA by Texas Politicians. Read Advisory Listen to the broadcast


Guidelines for Principles for Toxic Chemical Regulatory Reform to the Obama government. Read


Shifting markets to safe products and safe chemicals will require policy change. A first step to creating a safe and healthy global environment is a major reform of our nation’s chemicals policy. Any reform must:

dingbat Require Safer Substitutes and Solutions

dingbat Phase Out Persistent, Bioaccumulative, or Highly Toxic Chemicals

dingbat Give the Public and Workers the Full Right-to-Know and Participate

dingbat Act with Foresight

dingbat Require Comprehensive Safety Data for All Chemicals

dingbat Take Immediate Action to Protect Communities and Workers

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