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The U.S. Chemical Safety System is Broken

The federal system that should protect our health and the environment from dangerous chemicals in our homes, schools, and workplaces - the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 - is outdated and ineffective. Rates of cancer, learning disabilities, and many other health conditions linked to toxic chemicals are skyrocketing. For ten years, states and many businesses have begun acting to get some of the worst chemicals out of everyday products. Now Congress is finally considering proposals to fix TSCA and protect our health.

House Bill - Chemicals in Commerce Act - is a Very Bad Bill

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Fact Sheet on West Virginia Chemical Spill in Regards to TSCA

House Hearing on Testing Chemicals in TSCA February 4, 2014 More

Senate Environment & Public Works (EPW) Committee Hearing. July 31, 2013

New York Attorney General Letter on TSCA reform to EPW Hearing. July 31, 2013

Breast Cancer Fund Testifies Before Senate on Toxic Chemical Reform;
Calls for Protection of Pregnant Women, Children, and Workers
. July 31, 2013

NRDC: Public Health Improvements Still Needed for Chemical Reform Bill July 31, 2013

Coming Clean News Release with experts and direct contact information on EPW Hearing. July 30, 2013

Coming Clean News Teleconference on TSCA Reform. July 30, 2013

Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy (CHANGE) Statement

Coming Clean Response to Chemical Safety Improvement Act, a bill to reform TSCA - including group statements and experts. June 13, 2013

TSCA reform and Environmental Justice.

Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals.

Reforming Chemical Law Means Saving Lives - Janet Nudelman in The Hills' Congress Blog. July 31, 2013

Mom's Rising Blog - Toxic Chemical Reform is Long Overdue - Lets Get It Right - July 31, 2013


Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families' Andy Igrejas Op-Ed Chemical Reform: Getting It Done Right, in Roll Call July 31, 2013


State Attorneys General (California · Connecticut · Delaware · Hawaii · Maryland Massachusetts · Oregon · Vermont · Washington) Letter Regarding Chemical Safety Improvement Act. July 31, 2013


Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles, Blog - TSCA Reform - Lets Fix the Problem. July 30, 2013


Washington Toxics Coalition Blog, A Path Forward for Congress on Chemical Reform. July 30, 2013


SAFER States Blog on Chemical Safety Improvement Act. July 24, 2013


Reforming TSCA - Progressive Principles for Toxic Risk Regulation, Center for Progressive Reform. July 2013


You Broke the Gridlock in Congress, Women's Voices for the Earth, Jamie McConnell's Blog July 2, 2013


National Caucus of Environmental Legislators Statement on Chemical Safety Improvement Act. June 30, 2013


American Sustainable Business Council on TSCA Reform.


For media assistance on this issue: Stephenie Hendricks 415 258-9151 stephdh@gmail.com Stacy Malkan 510 848-5701.


For news advisories on previous TSCA reform efforts, go to our Press page and scroll down to advisories about the Safe Chemicals Act.